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CE Data Transfer Simplified

Transferring data from a Windows CE device to its ActiveSync host has never been a simple task for developers, especially Visual Basic developers. Initiating the transfer from the host adds another level of difficulty. SQLink makes this process effortless. SQLink works over TCP/IP, serial or USB connections with no changes in code!

With just a few lines of code, developers can execute ADOCE SQL commands, such as SELECT, INSERT and DELETE, directly against either a Pocket Access or SQL Server for CE database on the device from their Win32 application. The connection and activity are transparent to the user, and the results appear in familiar, usable format: an ADO Recordset.

For example, if a developer wanted to get all rows from MyTable in MyDatabase.cdb on the mobile device, the following code in a desktop application is all that would be required:

    Dim objLink As SQLink.Link
    Dim rs As ADODB.Recordset

    Set objLink = New Link

    objLink.Connect objLink.RemoteDatabase = "/My Device/MyDatabase.cdb" Set rs = objLink.Execute("SELECT * FROM MyTable") objLink.Disconnect


Using SQLink requires 3 things: our host-side (PC) COM dynamic linked library, our client-side (device) executable, and an ActiveSync connection.

SQLink varsion 1.3.3 works on the Pocket PC, Pocket PC 2002 and the HPC 2000.

A single-developer, non-distributable license is available for free download.

**The beta 3 of version 2.0 has been released. Visit this forum for the download and more information.

Download the Evaluation Version of SQLink Here! (296K)

Read an article on and download sample code using SQLink here.

SQLink Pricing
Item Price
Single Evaluation License FREE
Single Developer License $500.00
Enterprise (unlimited) License $2,000.00
Enterprise License with Source Code $5,000.00
1-year subscription $125.00 per license
$500.00 enterprise
$1000.00 enterprise w/ source

SQLink Revision History
Date Fix/Revision
1/23/2003 v 2.0 beta 3 released!
Visit this forum for the download and more information
12/19/2002 v 2.0 beta released!
Visit this forum for the download and more information
8/23/2002 v released
Bug fix. Previous versions had didn't correctly handle NULL values in fields.
8/20/2002 v released
Bug fix. Previous versions caused "XML exception" with long result set headers (field names, lengths, etc.).
8/13/2002 v 1.3.3 released
We've added support for ADOCE 3.1 and made the source far more reliable.
2/7/2002 v 1.2 released
We've added support for SQL Server CE device databases, plus SQLink now returns more meaningful error information to the server.
1/17/2002 v 1.1 released
A large amount of source was rewritten for better efficiency and more stable data transfer to resolve some customer issues with large queries. SQLink 1.1 also adds the option to save the returned recordset as XML.
11/21/2001 v 1.0.2 released
Modified device client to allow unlimited length SQL statements. Previous versions were limited to 256 characters.