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Pocket Regress
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Pocket Regress

Originally designed for calculating vibration attenuation in the field, PocketRegress allows a user to run regressional analysis on virtually any two-dimensional data set.


Independent linear or logarithmic analysis of each axis
Customizable axis labels - Customizable axis units
On-demand charting including upper and lower confidence lines
Y-value predictor - Selectabe confidence ranges (80% - 99.99%)
Delimited text data files for easy import into other applications such as Excel

Download the ARM processor Evaluation version here for FREE.



PRTools is now Available!
Click here to download (3.14 Mb)

PRTools is a free desktop application that makes using PocketRegress even simpler by giving you access to your PocketRegress data files directly from your desktop!

PRTools currently features:

Direct data file transfer to and from the Pocket PC device.
Automatic Charting of PocketRegress data files in Microsoft Excel 2000

The PRTools desktop application is free with registration.

We encourage users to submit suggestions for new desktop tools and functionality. Send suggestions to support@innovativedss.com.

Date Fix/Revision
8/23/2002 v 1.1 released
Feature updates and bug fixes. Fixed charting problems with logarithmic scales. Added ability to edit data in grid. other minor updates
8/20/2001 v 1.0 released